Complementing our primary business of providing a platform for direct real estate investment, third-party real estate owners can also benefit from the superior investment management capabilities of the RSP team.

RSP provides a wide array of real estate related consulting services to include asset or portfolio valuation, transactional due diligence, negotiating, underwriting and oversight of acquisitions and divestitures, capital stack/event management, project budgeting, value-engineering for renovations or development, and design/construction management.

With experience operating nearly every property type, RSP also offers traditional property and/or asset management services for select real estate owners. RSP strictly oversees property managers, contractors, vendors, leasing and sales agents, while providing frequent and in-depth reporting to owners. RSP's core business skills of generating new sources of revenue while tightly controlling expenses along with identifying and implementing focused and cost-effective property improvements results in the repositioning of underperforming assets into vibrant and profitable holdings.

As one of New York City's largest holders of unsold apartments, RSP team members are experts in the operation and management of condominium and cooperative associations. They perform a vital role as members of the board of directors, regularly counseling and advising the boards and managing agents on substantive issues germane to the operation and maintenance of the building, spearheading new programs or policies for the betterment of the corporation and its constituents, and providing solutions to improve and/or fortify the health of the underlying association. RSP offers consulting services to condominium and cooperative associations and/or their managing agents who may benefit from our extensive expertise, specialized knowledge, and broad network within this niche space. For individual apartment owners, RSP's apartment sales team routinely sets record pricing highs for the sale of its condominium and cooperative apartments and will consider representing owners in the sale of their individual apartments on a case by case basis.

The RSP team views each client's investment as if it were our own capital on the line and responds to the assignment accordingly, implementing a disciplined and methodical approach to deliver the results desired and to do so in a transparent and highly professional manner.